Read Genesis 2:2-7
Both Greek and Hebrew words for wind also mean spirit.  To make things even more interesting, the same words that mean wind and spirit also mean breath. God is there like the air we breathe…always present, always available, always life-renewing.  Sometimes in our lives we feel that God is missing and that we can’t breathe right.  We might hold our breath when we become afraid, upset, anxious, nervous or even angry in our times of hardship and despair. However, we have to remember to focus on God and His love and breathe in to become refreshed by the presence of our living God. All we need to do is reach out and He is there. There’s a saying “keeping my head above water”.  When we are underwater, we can’t breathe.  We have to hold our breath, break through the surface, and deeply take in the life giving air.  There are times that we may feel we are under the water, but as long as we can take a breath of God, we will live, persevere, and run the race that is before us and go on to victory. Take a deep breath beloved, and inhale the sweet fragrance of God’s love. He loves Ya;)