Psalm 18:2
The wind was really roaring last night; as I got up and around this morning, I looked out my windows to see if there was any real damage. As I was investigating, I was reminded of how God protects US from such wind & storms. We will all get through any and all of it as long as we have a good foundation. God is our rock and our foundation and if we build on him, we can weather anything that this world dishes out! Oh, we might get blown around a little – our hair a little messed up, our feet may get wet – but after the storm? We will persevere; we will get through it and perhaps come out stronger; we will be able to stand tall and be ready for the next storm. So, the next time the weatherman gives us a not so great prediction, hold on to your hat, brace yourself and praise God for holding on to us!!! Have a blessed day!!! – Lori Moore

devo 5-14