I think at one point in our lives, we have all experienced brokeness and separation within our families. Mine is no exception. Unfortunately, we have hurt feelings, un-forgiveness, stubbornness and pride in the way of repairing torn family ties. I have tried to do some mending on my own; trying to fix what I feel is broken without success. Although it saddens me a great deal, causes tension and unnecessary drama, I know alone I can’t restore my family. What I can do is pray. Continuous prayer can do amazing things. Only God can restore hearts, mend the brokenness, take away the blame and replace it with forgiveness, peace and newness. God does not want us to carry around negative, heavy baggage; our shoulders were not meant to carry such heavy loads. Ask God to come into your families hearts and restore what is broken. There is power in the name of Jesus! Have a blessed day!