I felt the need to write regarding the new pandemic this world is facing right now. Some people think it’s coming closer to Jesus’ return, others think it’s to bring us all closer in humanity and then there are some that think it’s a political hoax of some sort. I have no clue the right answer but what I absolutely know is that Our God in Heaven is in complete control of the situation. Be reminded of the many Bible verses that He declares His promises to His children. He will see us all through these troubling and most uncertain times. Do we need to hit our knees and pray? Absolutely and every day, not just in scary times or when the waters rise. It is time folks; we all need to pray and lift all those that have not yet come to our Lord and Savior. We are children of the One True God; cast all your fears, doubt and cares on Him. In Jesus’ name let us pray for all those that have fallen victim to this virus, asking for protection for all and mercy on this world. Have a blessed day!