Revelation 4:1-11

Some of us will receive a crown for what we did on earth when we go home with God. So picture this; You had a bad car wreck. The car burst into flames while you are stuck in the car because your seat belt wont unbuckle. You see your life flashing before your eyes and you know you are going to die. All of the sudden, a hand with a knife reaches in your car with a knife and cuts the seat belt, pulling you out right before the car explodes. The guy puts you down and starts handing you his wallet, deed to his house and the clothes off his back. What do you do? He just saved your life? I hope most people would throw all the stuff back to him and say, “You just saved my life; you don’t owe me anything I owe you”. That is what’s going on in today’s scripture. God saved us from eternal death and yet he is willing to give us a crown. Let us cast the crowns down to the feet of Jesus for He saved us from eternal death and gave us eternal life. He is worthy of all the glory and honor. Glory to our king! God Loves Ya 😉