Mental illness. It’s real. It’s out there and too many suffer with it feeling alone, judged, ashamed and embarrassed that someone will find out. It can come in many forms, depression, panic disorder, anxieties of any kind, phobias, the list goes on and on. I personally suffered with panic attacks years ago; my safest place I felt was in my bedroom. I would be okay one minute then all of a sudden, panic would come over me and it would hit and hit hard. Mental illness does not discriminate; you’d be surprised at how many struggle with this everyday – the poor, rich, successful, store clerks, teachers, doesn’t matter. As scary and horrifying as it is, there is a way out. Praise God with His help we can be free! Oh, it won’t be an easy fix. It takes crying out to Jesus, being real and honest about your fears to Him, praying diligently and having faith that He will deliver you out of your pit. He will set you free breaking every chain that has bounded you for years! As we read in this scripture, He will protect our minds and bodies. He is the ultimate healer! Hallelujah! He will set you free! Have a blessed day! 🙂