Bear with me as I search for the right words to explain my thoughts on having a connection with God. Let me start by asking, have you ever gone out to your car, turned the key with full faith that it would start and to much surprise and usually panic, it doesn’t start? Nothing! Battery is dead. Ugh! One of the worst feelings in the world. You are basically stuck. Well, that’s how we are when we have no connection to God. We are pretty much left in panic mode; we now have to find someone with jumper cables to hopefully recharge the battery to get us moving again. Without our connection to our Almighty Savior, we can’t move, are stuck, unable to go where we need to go; but, through Him, fully charged, nothing can stop us! Don’t let your battery die; keep it always charged up for God. He is our jumper cables in times of despair!! Have a Blessed day!