Romans 5:8 (NLT)

In the spirit of this Ministry I would like to challenge you to do something simple this Christmas. There are many ways we can be a blessing to someone in fact the list is quiet long but we want to keep it really simple.  We want to challenge you to seek just one person out this Christmas and show them you care. This can be done simply by a phone call, a visit, a letter (email) any form of communication that you can think of.  But the only catch is it has to be someone that you either haven’t talked to in a very long time (family, old friend, ETC…) or someone that you would prefer not to talk to because of something that happened that brought strife between you. Jesus calls us to love up on everyone, not just personally chosen people. Christmas is all about love and God loved us enough to send His one and only son to earth to be born and die for us, the least we can do is make an effort to love others the way He would. I know this sounds harder than I make it out to be and it might just be but pray that the holy Spirit be with and guide you to show that love that is inside of you. God Loves Ya 😉

12-21 devo