While thinking about Christmas the other day and about how excited children get about Santa Claus, I thought about how a child’s faith in Santa is similar to our faith in Christ. Children usually get their faith in Santa Claus from their family; the family talks about Santa, how he is watching their behavior, how we wants them to be nice, and they write letters to him asking him for certain things they want. This is like our faith in Christ in that we get our first ideas of Christ from our family, Christ is all knowing and is always aware of what’s going on in our lives, and we talk to Christ and ask for things from Him through prayer. The faith in Santa is strengthened when he leaves Christmas presents under the tree. If we think about it, Christ sends us “presents” through various blessings in our lives. Even though they might not be as visible as a present under the tree, Christ is blessing us and reminding us that he is there and does exist in our lives. God is good 😉 – Ashley