Dear Father,
You are our King, our Savior, and the Prince of Peace. James 1:17 tells us “every good and perfect gift is from heaven above”, and we have many gifts for which we should be thankful. We thank you for our families and especially for the children in our lives, two of the greatest blessings you bestow upon us. Grant us your wisdom and grace to love each other as you first loved us. We thank you for the opportunity to come together with family and friends this holiday season. We ask that you help us remember the real reason for the Christmas season. Teach us how to focus all of our celebrations around the birth of Jesus. Help us to remember to sing your praises to others. When we look at the beautiful, sparkling lights, let us remember that Jesus is the light of the world; even the Christmas tree points us to heaven. When we eat those yummy Christmas cookies and delicious dinners, let us be reminded that you provide for us and that we should in turn provide for others. When we fill out those Christmas cards sharing the good news of our lives, may we remember that it is our privilege to share the “Good News” of the gospel every chance we get. And when we buy, wrap, and unwrap those packages, let us remember to give thanks for the greatest gift we’ll ever receive, your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Help us to always make Him the center of our Christmas and of our lives. Amen. – Jenn Dicky