Matthew 25:35-40
As we discussed in our last devotion, church is a recharging place much like a pit stop at an auto race. Sometimes the cars go into the pit stop not just for recharging but because there is an engine problem. Do we as a church sometimes slack in this area?  When people come to us in need of repair because of brokenness, addiction, pain, and sorrow, do we embrace them, do we encourage them, and do we meet them where they are? Or do we ignore them and let them alone to fend for themselves because we just don’t want to get involved? We are to get involved, to help, and to guide and support the broken, the poor and the disenfranchised. We are the church of Christ and He did all of that and so much more for us. He fixed our broken engine when He died on the cross. Please church, let us be the hands and feet of Christ and continue to do the good works of Christ and transform the world. Let us help others to get back into the race and finish strong. God loves Ya;)