1 Peter 2:15,16 (NIV)

Hypocrites, Players, pretenders all disguise who they really are and portray themselves as what they think others want to see. They might fool many but God knows the real person they are. It is said, “Character isn’t in how you behave while around other people it is how you behave when you are not.” That is the real you. We are fallen human beings and sin is all around us every day in every way. We can’t be who God wants us to be on our own. We need His help, guidance,  grace, mercy and forgiveness. If we start living and acting the way God wants us to when we are alone then our true self comes out more and more when we are around others. Let us clean up our own “real” house before we try to show others a pretend model. God Loves Ya 😉

11-13 devo