John 2:13-22

This world is much like the tables that Jesus over turned in the temple in today scripture. We load our tables with materialistic things that do not bring honor to God, but shame. Our table in this instance is our values in life. Someone once said, “Look at a person’s check book and you will see where his values lie”. What do we spend our money or time on, that is what we value. Brush aside the common every monthly bills, I am talking about the money spent on extras things that don’t honor God but feeds our fleshy selves. Jesus walks into that temple and saw what was going on and basically freaked out. I can hear Him saying, “Are you kidding me? This is what you value more than God?” Perhaps, we need to think next time we spend our money on things that don’t honor our Lord. Clear our tables of things that don’t speak life into others or honor our Lord and He will bless you. God Loves ya 😉