There is always room for change! With the start of a new season, I have decided to tackle the dreaded job of cleaning my closets. Oh yes…that chore that gets avoided until you are literally throwing something in it and slamming the door quick so it doesn’t come back out! It’s a nagging reminder that we keep way too much stuff. Then we realize, after we get rid of all the unwanted, unneeded and useless “treasures”, we feel so much better! Hmm, sounds a bit like life? The emotional stuff, the clutter and the useless baggage we tend to hang onto for years such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, grudges, self hate, unforgiveness; the list of what we can hang onto is endless. Now is the time friends┬áto let it all go. Now is the time to do inventory on ourselves and purge all that junk that is holding you back from a beautiful life in Christ. Now is the time to hit your knees, forgive where forgiveness belongs, even if it’s yourself you need to forgive. Let it go for your sake. God is waiting for you to give it all to Him. Do it today and start your new season clutter free! Have a blessed day