Isaiah 1:18

We read in today’s scripture that God gives all of us an open invitation to “come as we are”. He accepts us as the pathetic sinners that we are. He loves us, and the Heavens rejoice when we come to Jesus on our knees, confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness. We are all a mess. We can attend church every Sunday without fail, serve others and our community every spare moment we have and yes, even be that perfect co-worker that never swears or gossips; but we all have blemishes, a sinful nature and can fail miserably at being a “good” Christian. But thank God for His acceptance and grace!! Hallelujah! When we have God in our heart, He loves us unconditionally. He wants us with all of our messes so when He begins to clean us up, we will know it is God! So, come; come as you are to God! Have a blessed day! 🙂