Ephesians 4:1,3,31,32

When we disagree with someone, how many of us start to tune out or become pessimistic whenever that person or thing is involved? We are in essence saying that how we think things should go or how we think things should be done is more important. If we automatically become defensive and upset, we are not allowing ourselves to listen and give the other person’s ideas a chance. When this happens, the devil is cheering you on!! He wants us, especially as Christians, to go against each other and argue. Even when seemingly minor things separate us such as “We should sing contemporary music” vs. “We should sing hymns”. Why not compromise and have both? We as the body of Christ and as fellow brothers and sisters need to support and encourage one another. If you are upset with the way someone is doing something, speak up in love! How is that person to know how you feel if nothing is said? It might not change the situation, but avoiding and getting upset will surely not change anything. Let’s love one another enough to talk and be the change instead of arguing and spreading the negativity. God is good 😉