1 Peter 2:24

As Easter approaches let us consider the cross and the sacrifice that was made for us. We should be profoundly humbled and forever grateful for the pure love that hung on a Cross, so we can have eternal life. The Cross, to Christians, is an understanding that God has already taken care of whatever it is that we think separates us from God. It means that God accepts us just as we are. Consider the cross as the once and for all sacrifice for sin. The only way God can forgive sin is if adequate sacrifice is offered: Somebody has got to be punished, and that person is Jesus. The cross has a personal and individual meaning; understanding the sacrifice that was made for you is the beginning of the relationship God wants to have with you. Christ died a horrible death on the Cross so you can live. Consider that! God loves you that much! God Loves Ya 😉

devo 3-27-15