1 Peter 2:1-10
Being a mason in my younger years, I know how to build a building out of brick. First you have to build your corners, and then when they are all plumb and level, you string out a line from one corner to the other and start laying brick on brick. It is those corners that keep the building straight and gives it its strength. This is what today’s scripture is talking about. Christ is our cornerstone, our strength, the foundation for us to build on. Without the cornerstone, the building would never exist. Next, you have to lay brick upon brick to build something and in comparison to our scripture, we are those bricks. 1 Peter reminds us that we have been called not to be a chosen “INDIVIDUAL”, but a chosen “PEOPLE”, as in a group or community. We are living stones built on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ; where each stone, each person is needed in order for the WHOLE to exist. It is not possible for one layer of stones to exist without the support of the stones underneath them, or before them. We are individuals called OUT of our own lives, and into a holy nation…into a group, a community to belong. To fully worship God means we do it TOGETHER. God Loves Ya;)

corner of rough red blocks background