John 4:1-42 (NLT)

There are a lot of lessons we could gain from our scripture today. One lesson is courage. The lady at the well was not considered high society, nor was she a preacher, theologian or  an academia elite. She was a broken person that had and lead a sinful life and on top of that, was a Samaritan woman which were considered lowly to many of the Jews; especially since she was a woman. Women were considered 2nd class citizens in those days. The woman had one thing that I believe Jesus saw in her and that was courage. She did not disappoint. After Jesus got done talking to her, she ran with excitement and told everyone about Jesus and the whole town came out to hear. Let us be like the woman at the well and have the courage to reach out to the lost and tell them about Jesus. Like the woman at the well, God can use any of us for His glory; so let him use us to tell the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Have courage my brothers and sisters. God Loves Ya 😉