Psalm 34:6

Tonight, I am so tired and weary, feeling helpless and afraid of the coming days/ weeks. Who do I call out to? who do I run to? Where do I find my rest? I head to my comforting, safe and dark room, thinking I can’t feel hurt there but I do. My world is crashing in on me, I need someone, anyone to rescue me.  Any of this sounds familiar? We have all felt these emotions at one time or another. Seasons come and go; it’s who we cry out to that makes the difference how we cope and how we get through. God hears you; He wants us to call out to Him not, your best friend, not your neighbor lady and certainly not the bartender at the corner bar. God loves us, no matter what we are going through, what we are facing in our days to come, He has already been there and He will walk right beside us, holding us up when we can’t hold ourselves up anymore. Let God, hold you in His arms, Let Him love you comfort you and give you peace. Cry out to Jesus. Have a blessed day! 🙂