Change is inevitable. When life throws us unexpected curve balls, we can be assured we will be changed in some way, shape or form. Maybe a change in heart, maybe it will strengthen our relationships or sometimes, life’s events can make us bitter and hateful. Recently, I have endured a second major surgery in less than a year causing me to be dependent on others, unable to do my normal routine and basically leaving me stuck in a powerless mode. Although this is a temporary situation and soon, I will be able to resume my normal activities, it definitely has changed me physically and emotionally. If life has blind-sided you, rest assured change is coming; but, as Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, we are not to fear change, the unknown or where our new path may be leading us because God, our Heavenly Father and Lord of Lords has us right where He wants us. His plans are greater than we can ever imagine! Amen! Have a blessed day!