Take a minute and read Psalm 13. David, like most of us, finds himself in the midst of a long, dark night asking questions about how his situation might change. However, by the conclusion of the short Psalm he is singing praises to God even though his situation had not yet changed. Did you know there are songs before dawn? The birds begin to sing before the light of day
arrives. Their singing is a definitive sign that the dawn is coming soon. What I have realized by studying Psalm 13 is that David begins to sing about his “dawn” even though in his experience it is still night. Friends, we too can sing before dawn knowing that the night is almost over and light in our situation is on the way. Even though you may in this present moment feel as though you are alone and God does not see you, or worse, he might even be intentionally hiding from you causing feelings of isolation, desperation, and ultimate defeat, I want you to know that God is with you and now is the time to sing, not sigh. We need to seek God even though our circumstances have yet to change. When our attitude, actions, and words begin to change, it is a clear sign that our dawn is near. Sing today, even if you can not see the light of dawn yet. It’s coming. Stay close to Jesus. -Pastor Bryce