How do we feel when we are in a holding pattern of not getting where we need to be, or doing what we want to do? We get upset with God, wondering where He is or why He isn’t moving us along. God isn’t punishing us, he is refining us. We must look at things this way. Delays are not denials – delays are development! God is always working out His plan for us in all circumstances! He’s not worrying about our arrival as much as our development. If we go to an interview to get a job and have absolutely no idea how to do that job or have no experience with that job, how would we feel when we are hired and start the next morning? We will feel overwhelmed, under-qualified and totally lost. The point is that God wants us prepared for the next destination. He wants us to be on top of our game for what He has in store for us. So, no worries if things are being delayed; just keep the faith, learn and prepare for something awesome happening. God Loves You 😉