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Casting crowns

Revelation 4:1-11 Some of us will receive a crown for what we did on earth when we go home with God. So picture this; You had a bad car wreck. The car burst into flames while you are stuck in the car because your seat belt wont unbuckle. You see your life flashing before your ...

Rely on God

Jeremiah 29:11                                                                                                           ...


Titus 3:4-7 I have a friend who usually has one or more projects he works on just to keep busy. His latest project was restoring an old piece of furniture that someone was actually going to throw into a trash pile. I suppose they just thought it would take too much time and effort in ...

Are You Joyful?

Philippians 4 For Paul, joy is a defining attribute of the church.  Does “joy” characterize the church today?  If you knocked on the door of one of your non-Christian neighbors and asked them how they would describe Christians, would they say that Christians are people marked by a deep, consistent sense of joy?  Would people ...


Galatians 5:1 Unless you are familiar with this area in Pennsylvania, you may not realize or know there is a deer reserve not far from my town. As I was driving by there one day, it got me thinking about the deer’s existence. Oh I understand the reason for the preserve; it keeps them, safe, ...

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