Just days after Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension to Heaven, a guy named Saul, who disliked Christ followers so much, sought and received a letter from the religious leaders to arrest and eventually kill any person that he found associated with “the way”. During his pursuit of potential victims, he is struck down by Jesus himself and told specifically to stop, and as part of this altercation with Jesus, Paul is blinded. What is crazy about this blinding event in Saul’s life is that it is actually the first time he begins really seeing what God is doing in his life. Through Saul’s initial days of following Jesus, he receives the Holy Spirit, reconciles with some of Jesus’ earliest disciples and then begins to preach boldly in Jesus’ name. Here is where the story gets even crazier…while Saul is beginning his early local ministry, he is identified as God’s servant to go preach to people all over the world. Think about this: One of Christianity’s earliest villains is now going to become its first world- renowned hero. Friends, what an amazing story Saul’s encounter with Jesus was; your story can be just as dramatic. Just like God had a specific design for Saul’s journey with Jesus, He has a specifically designed journey for you. Think about this: If you copy God’s plan for someone else’s life, who will accomplish God’s plan for your life? No one else has your story. Only you can do what God has designed for you. Stay Close to Jesus. – Pastor Bryce