I might despise where I live or lived, but I still had a place to live. I might despise the cars I have or had, but I still have a car. I might despise the food I had or must eat, but I still had food. I’m sure Isaac despised when he had to take his son to top of the mountain to kill him. Or, when David had to keep moving when he was being hunted by Saul. At some point, we have all despised something in our lives that we weren’t or aren’t happy with. We must remember a few things; first, there are those that don’t have any of the material things we have. Second, God will take us out of our comfort zone to accomplish something. We must be able to adjust, accept and change when God needs us to. Third, we always must appreciate and be grateful for God not forgetting us and supplying our needs. Our despisement might need a lesson in gratefulness. God Loves Ya 😉