In Mark 10:17, a man approaches Jesus and bows before him asking one question, “What must I DO to inherit eternal life?” DIY!  Do It Yourself is often the cheaper, quicker and more practical way of doing many things in our lives: changing our oil in the car, dying our hair a preferred color, remodeling the bathroom, or even attempting to medicate ourselves. Although, in many cases, the plan/project works out great, we all know that there have been times when we have attempted to DIY, and the outcome has been less effective, damaging and occasionally dangerous.  When we talk about the idea of being “right with God” or “being in right relationship with God”, this is one example when it is impossible to “DIY”.  Jesus, in response to this man, explains that the only way to a relationship with God is through devotion to His son Jesus Christ.  In a wild turn of events, not often seen in the Bible, this story does not end happily.  The man’s face is downcast, and his feet take him away from Jesus as a result of the words he has received from Jesus.  The very center of this entire story is that the man was wealthy and chose to be more devoted to his wealth than he was to his relationship with God. Friends, there is no need for “DIY”, because Jesus has already “D.I.D”.  Through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, we can enter into a relationship with God and live out His will for us.  Stay Close to Jesus – Pastor Bryce