James 2
I can remember when my son was younger we rented a house on an orchard that had many types of tree – all different types of apple and other fruit trees. I can remember walking through the rows of these beautiful trees and he would keep asking me, “Daddy what type of tree is that?” Well, I am definitely not a tree farmer of any sort and if it wasn’t for the fruit on the trees, I would have never known what type they were. Faith and deeds have the same type of relationship. How do you recognize faith?  It produces deeds and if it stops producing deeds, something is wrong with it. Some of you probably hear “faith without deeds is dead” and wonder what more can I possibly do?  My plate is full.  My days are long. I am struggling to take care of my own needs and my own family and now I am hearing “do more.” Others of you are already spending hours upon hours in ministry every week. You are the “go to” people, whenever there is a need you respond. If doing deeds seems more like an obligation than an opportunity, I want you to reread James chapter 1 and 2. Let our Father be able to tell what kind of tree you are by the fruit you produce. God Loves Ya;)

Apple orchard with red ripe apples on the trees