Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)
Being so busy lately with work, caring for my aging mom, and life in general – the daily household chores such as, dishes in the sink, dirty floors and laundry didn’t get much attention over the weekend. My granddaughter came out for an overnight stay and in the morning as we were leaving to take her home I said, “Well, at least the outside looks good!!” Then it hit me…how many of us are just like that, messy on the inside but from the outside look totally put together, well groomed, seemingly having it all together? So, the lesson God has put in my heart is…Don’t judge anyone from their outside appearance; don’t assume their life is peaches and cream just because they have a smile on their face. Always, always give encouraging words to someone – a smile, or a quick “Hi” to someone you pass by in a grocery store, or a hallway at school, or on the street. You never know, you could be the only ray of sunshine they have seen in awhile. Show the Love that God has shown us in all you do! Have a blessed day!! – Lori Moore

devo 8-1