Beware of Satan! It can be so easy to get caught up in his web of lies and deceit. He has a way of fooling us into his way of thinking and seeing things his way. He will entice and make things look, feel and seem fabulous until you are fully in it; then, the consequences come. You will feel chaotic, unsettled, your guts will hurt and your faith in God will be compromised. My granddaughter recently experienced this very thing. Her and her boyfriend were house hunting. Trying to stay in their price range, a good neighborhood and close to their jobs, they found a very nice place they thought would be perfect. My grand fell in love with the beauty of it; the many extras it came with, a pool, new appliances, large rooms, and everything they “wanted” forgetting all about their “needs”. After viewing this perfect wonder though, she began fretting over how they were going to swing the bills, gas and food. Remembering an old truth, “If it isn’t God sent, it isn’t right” they agreed to back out and keep looking. Thank God for His divine protection over us from the evil one and his tempting beauty and glamour. Amen! Have a blessed day! Don’t be fooled folks!