Romans 1:18-20
Did you ever pass by a beggar on the street or a person holding a sign along the highway looking for someone to either give them money, food or a job? I pray that someday that won’t be the case here on earth; however, I think there are many lessons that we can learn. One of those lessons comes from Max Lucado, “As a pauper knows better than to beg from another pauper. He knows he needs someone who’s stronger than he is. Jesus’ message from the Cross is this: I am that Person. Trust Me.” The beggar knows better than begging from another soul that doesn’t have money just as much as we should know we can’t find happiness from, or in another person that doesn’t have it either. We have to stop looking for others to make us happy and totally rely on Christ. He paid the ultimate price so we can be free and happy. Let us trust Him and find our happiness from the only one that can give us true happiness. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 7-23