If you look close enough, you can see God in everything. In everyday life when you least expect it, He will give us lessons to live by. I have a perfect example of this. When you have no clue, God is teaching you! My neighborhood, particularly MY yard, is overrun by squirrels! Oh, they aren’t your cute little friendly squirrels. These critters have chewed everything, dug up my flowers and plants and most recently been getting in my trash. I have had enough of them destroying so I asked my son to bring his trap over and hopefully regain population control. It wasn’t long until we had trapped and relocated 6 of these critters. During the week or so of watching them sniffing around and taking in the delicious aroma of peanut butter to lure them into this no escape trap, all of a sudden it hit me! Satan does the very same thing to us! He lures us in with whatever our wants and desire are when we least expect it, not even knowing we are in danger of getting trapped in his lies and deceit. Thank you God for that eye opening moment. We must always be watchful to never fall into Satan’s traps of temptations and darkness. Not today Satan! I am a Child of God! Amen? Have a blessed day!