James 1:12, James 5:11
I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics this past week. As much as I enjoy the competition, I really like to listen to the athletes’ stories. One thing most of them have in common is perseverance. Many of them train for years to perfect their sport and get that gold medal. They sacrifice time with their families, some even moving away from family to train with a certain coach. They face injuries, setbacks and disappointments during their training and competitions. We may never compete as an Olympic athlete, but we do have something in common with them. Just as the athletes do, we must persevere to reach our goals and get our “gold medal”, whatever that may be. When we pray and look to God to aid us in our endeavors, we will succeed in completing the tasks we begin. If God is guiding us, the end results may not necessarily be what we thought they would be, but they will be what God wants for our lives. Stay strong and don’t give up no matter what, because God never gives up on you. God loves ya! 😉 – Karen Chappell

Gold medal with red ribbon on white background. Clipping path is included