Colossians 3:23

Not long ago I changed careers; it’s not the first time I have started a new adventure out of the blue. I returned to care-giving as a home health aide. I truly love what I do. I help people that cannot help themselves. I treat them with dignity and respect – never making them feel less than. My job reminds me of how Jesus lived and served others – willingly, humbly and without grumbling. It’s so rewarding seeing smiles on people’s faces knowing I put them there. Knowing I am making a difference in their everyday lives gives me such joy in my heart. I know that’s how Jesus felt. My message is this, if you have never served someone, you are missing out on so much of what God has to offer. It can be the smallest deed like helping someone carry their groceries, giving someone a ride that normally has to take the bus, or just taking time to talk with someone that is alone. God provides opportunities every day for us to serve. Don’t miss out; reach out and DO SOMETHING! Have a blessed day! 🙂