“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Friends, if you have said “Yes” to Jesus, you have been equipped for the great adventure ahead. We must not live our Christian lives as ones who are defeated and unable to walk boldly. Paul tells Timothy, his protege, that God has given each one of us the Holy Spirit, which enables us to live a victorious life. The Holy Spirit infuses each believer with power to meet any difficulty that we face. The Greek word translated for power in this verse is actually where we get our English word dynamite. You and I have dynamite within us to overcome anything we face in this world. Paul also explains that we have a spirit of love. Not just a touchy-feely love, but a love that is able to overcome evil and fear.
Finally, we learn from this verse that we have a spirit of self-control. Although oftentimes, self-control gets a bad rap. The purpose and beauty of self-discipline is that we do not have to be captured by our feelings and circumstances. You and I can control our bodies and emotions and lead ourselves, with the Spirit’s help, into a place free from anxiety, temptation, and fear. This week, live as one who has the power, love, and self-control of the Holy Spirit. Stay Close to Jesus. -Pastor Bryce