Matthew 6:19-21

A few weeks back, my mom asked me to help her sort through some of her jewelry she had collected over the years; she wanted to give special pieces to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Not realizing she had 9 jewelry boxes to sift through, it took us a lot longer than I expected. As she was picking out gems one piece at a time, she reminisced about who gave it to her, when and why. She wanted just the right one going to just the right kid. While it seemed like an endless task, it gave me an opportunity to talk with my mom about the treasures that awaits us in Heaven. All the storing up, saving and at times, hoarding that some of us do with “treasures” we feel we can’t live without is all just Earthly possessions. The saying” you can’t take it with you” comes to mind. We all have something we think we need, can’t live without, or could never part with but, what God has waiting for us in Heaven, will never compare to what we have in this earthly life. My mom and I made memories that day and I feel so blessed I was able to share just a few of God’s promises with her. Many lessons learned that day just simply sorting through jewelry. God is good all the time. Have a blessed day! 🙂