I’m sure I’m safe in saying, we are all a little embarrassed and ashamed of our past mistakes we have made. We can blame it on immaturity, lack of knowledge or wisdom or it happened before we knew Jesus Christ. Whatever the circumstances, we can all agree, they were life’s lessons and hopefully we have learned to make better decisions now. We all have stories of how God intervened in our lives and brought us out of our desperation and endless pit. These “stories” should not be kept in secret, under lock and key or taken to the grave with us; in fact, they should be shared with others as they may help them through one of their toughest times. God uses our stories, experiences and testimonies to bring others to Him. We are Earthly vessels for God himself. Isn’t that the most amazing mission ever? So, please share your stories, let your life be testimony that God can and will change their lives in ways they never imagined. Have a Blessed day and God bless!