Have you ever been around someone that is never happy? They grumble, complain and are just plain miserable? I have and after being around that person, I found myself feeling negative and blah too. I call it “The Eeyore Syndrome”. “Oh bother, I’m not getting anywhere in my life” or, “It doesn’t matter anyway. I have no future, no friends, Blah blah blah!”Do not, I repeat, do not surround yourselves with those kind of negative nay sayers that have lost all hope in themselves and others. Instead, pray for them through the Holy Spirit that God will touch their hearts and minds and remove all their negative, “oh bother” mindsets. Choose joy in all you do the Lord says. Praise God in all circumstances and surround yourselves with the gifts and the fruits of God’s Holiness. Make a difference in someone’s life today; share what you know about Jesus Christ and watch their transformation! Have a blessed day! 🙂