Hebrews 12:2

Have you ever met someone that reminded you of” Eeyore”, Winnie the Pooh’s friend? Always grumbling, never has a nice word to say about anything or anyone? Their life is miserable and they want everyone to know it? I experienced a co-worker like that. I was scheduled with this person every day. Oh, I tried to replace her negative with my positive, but it eventually wore me down. I noticed I was adopting her “oh bother” thinking and could feel myself slipping into a darkness that I was not comfortable with. I have since moved on from that job but still think of her and pray that God has shed His light on her. The lesson God taught me; always be mindful and focused on God, avoiding the negative thinking and ways of other’s. It will destroy your joy and gratitude for the blessed life we have in Jesus. God, I pray for those that are blind to the life they could have with You. I pray for Your light to shine down on them, changing their minds and hearts Father so they may feel Your comfort, warmth and peace in their lives. Amen. Have a Blessed day 🙂 – Lori Moore

11-23 devo