At some point, we all encounter Jesus. Some may say, “Oh not me, I have never felt the presence of God in my life”. Well friends, let me refresh your clouded memories if I may. God is always around and clears our paths from evil, devastation and chaos; we just must be seeking, watching and keeping faith for His presence. Remember when that other car went through the stop sign and miraculously, you didn’t crash into it? Or when you got some pretty horrific news about your health and you are still alive and well today? Or maybe when you wanted that job so bad, but you weren’t qualified for it and they called you for an interview? That, my friends, is all God! God works in so many ways, big and small. He is with us. When we do encounter Him, things change; your mood, your outlook, your thoughts and actions, all because of Jesus! Please watch for encounters of our Living God. You won’t want to miss it! Have a blessed day!