I have a two-year-old running around my house and the other morning while I was getting out of the shower, I saw my bible laying on the floor. The thought came to my head, “that is so disrespectful to my bible”; then I thought “When I don’t use it, look at it or engage it in it like I should, what does it matter if he plays with it? I slowly realized even though I thought I was so mad at him, I was mad at myself for not taking care – taking care to read my bible, meditate on God’s word, and apply it to my life. We can have bibles all through the house, but if we don’t engage in them, what is the point? That morning my two-year-old taught me a lesson. We can have bibles, crosses and scripture on the walls, but if we don’t study, meditate and learn from God’s word, it is all useless. Most of us have the key to heaven around us and we never turn the key! God Loves Ya;)