1 Timothy 6:3-5

If you think being envious isn’t bad read the thoughts of Tim Jennings from his article on Focus Online.  “Envy is an enemy. It lurks behind your eyes. It lies in wait deep within your ears. Its poison is stored up at the base of your tongue. At the most unexpected moment, it releases its foul thoughts to devour your joy and destroy your usefulness to God. Envy is so dangerous because it is so easily disguised. It is camouflaged beneath what seems to be justifiable complaints. “Why can’t I have what she has? I’m just as good as she is.” “Why does he get all the attention? He’s not perfect.” Such inequities make us feel right about our resentment. Yet, when someone’s good fortune makes you think of your misfortune, or when someone’s success makes you stew in your own failure, then envy has sunk its venomous teeth into your heart.” Envy is like a gateway sin, it will lead you down the wrong path and away from God. God Loves Ya 😉