Matthew 24:13

Has God ever taught you a valuable lesson and you didn’t realize it until you learned it? Well, that actually happens to me a lot. I get those “Ohhh, ok” moments or “Wow, now I see” type of thing.  In the last few months, my mother courageously hung on tight to her faith in God and Christ’s strength to get her through her rehabilitation from a stroke and it was an amazing sight to see. This has taught me and my family to never give up hope. Although my mom passed away very recently, I know it wasn’t because she had a lack of faith. Her faith in Jesus Christ kept her going until her final breath. She taught us to fight, be strong and courageous and always know God is with us. She made the hardest decision of her life to stop her treatments; but not before she talked to each and every one of us that mattered to her. Her final days were filled with so much love, laughter, and favorite people and of course her favorite foods. God’s peace surrounded her letting her spirit soar. We will never forget the life she had or the life she brought to us. My mom let God’s will be done and I am forever grateful. Praise God! Have a blessed day! 🙂