2 Timothy 1:7

You know something is important when it is stated and said over and over again like “No trespassing” signs all along a person’s property or speed limit signs every mile or so; and even in the Bible when God says DO not Fear. We frequently fear those things which really never come to pass. By showing fear that is really not necessary, we show that we do not trust God and when we worry about things, we are saying to God, “God, I know you are not with me now and that you are not going to help me”. However, God has promised in His Word that He will not ever leave us and that we should “not be afraid.”  I have learned from experience, the more I am in the Scriptures, the more I have assurance that God is faithful and my fear is lessened because my trust is strengthened. The power of the word of God is only unleashed when we take it in daily. We are all a work in process to glory. God Loves Ya 😉