Psalm 139
Re-pointing is a masonry term that means you dig out the old mortar (cement) from between the bricks and fill it in with new mortar. It makes the wall or building look better from the outside but it also strengthens the wall. When we first come to Christ, we have a lot of cracks in our life wall that need repair. These cracks need to be mended over and made afresh and new. However, we have to be careful of those old cracks because if they aren’t fully filled with Christ, it is a perfect opportunity for the devil to creep on in. The enemy is always looking for cracks in the wall to get into and make them wider so that the wall will eventually fall down. The enemy will look and search and try to make any crack bigger. Fill that hole in with love, support from other brothers and sisters, your pastor, counselor – whomever or whatever is Godly. Talk to God and ask him to search your heart for those cracks so He can reveal them to you and then take action to start “re-pointing”. God Loves Ya;)