Ecclesiastes 9:10

Do you remember the first time you asked God for forgiveness and received Him as your Lord and Savior? Do you also remember how you felt soon afterward? The excitement of what God had in store for you? This new life in Christ you hadn’t known before? I just remember the “fire” I had for learning more about Him. I couldn’t get enough of Him and was so thankful for His grace. I couldn’t wait to tell people in my circle, “I have been saved by the Almighty King himself. I have new life, I am loved and so are you.” I was on fire! But, as time went by, I lost some of that fire. I still went to church and served when it was convenient for me. I still prayed, but only when things weren’t going so good. My fire had dwindled to a mere flicker. I no longer had that zeal, the enthusiasm, or the burning desire to grow in my relationship with God. I learned a valuable lesson during that time in my life: when we tend to lose our fire, it becomes very evident in our daily lives, minds, hearts and souls. We begin to be OK with worldly wrongs and corruptions. Never get comfortable being “lukewarm” in Christ; be alive and full of zeal always. Have a blessed day!