James 3
Over the years, forest fires have been started (especially in the southwest part of our country) by reportedly just a spark from a campfire or even a cigarette. Watching the destruction and damage to property, homes and some lives lost; it is hard to wrap our mind around how something so small – like a tiny spark – could result in such destruction. However, this is what James is talking about in our scripture today concerning the spiritual aspect of our words. What comes out of our mouths is so important; every act of speech is a way to join with God in creation or a way to destroy what God has created by spreading evil! We can choose to CONTROL our tongues in a way to offer life, to speak to God, to offer ourselves, and to pray. Nothing so vividly reveals double-mindedness than to have cursing proceed from the same mouth that then blesses God. To create with God, let us CONTROL our words – to be in harmony with God and to join in the creative, holy work that God is up to in the world. Let us not use our tongues to set forest fires of destruction, but ones of building up God’s kingdom. God Loves Ya;)

Forest fire