1 John 3:18-20
How many of us know of at least one person in our lives that is all talk but no action? They say what they are going to do and make promises, but then ultimately, they never end up following through. While growing up, I know that I had some family members like this. They would say they were coming over or going to call but then never would. My grandmother ended up saying, “Well we know ____ is going to come when we see them walk through the door.” In our scripture today, God is saying that instead of just merely saying that we love, accept and forgive one another, we actually have to show it in our actions!! Buy a coffee, invite someone over for dinner, offer a ride to work, etc. Don’t just say the words because you have read in the Bible that it is something we are commanded to do and it is a nice thought. Actually go out in the trenches and “get your hands dirty”. Look at the bold action Jesus took to show us His love – His death on the cross. Show others the love that He so passionately has for all of us. God is good 🙂