Ephesians 6:10-18
When your opposition starts fighting your efforts, it’s best to be familiar with what tactics they might use. In our scripture today, Paul gives us an over view of this. We cannot know and defeat the strategies of the devil, in light of the Gospel, if we do not study God’s strategies for suiting up to defend ourselves. We are specifically and directly called to take a stand against the devil’s schemes/strategies. (Ephesians 6:11) There are two errors we make in regards to the devil: We over-estimate the devil and his schemes and we underestimate the devil and his schemes. The “Devil” means to lie and slander. There are two strategies that the devil uses to lie to us: first, temptation. Essentially he gets us to have too high a view of ourselves. Second, he gets us to think too lowly of ourselves so we go and do things we should not do. What we need to do is put on the armor of God, know what particular strategies the devil uses on us, and realize the Gospel is the armor. Allow the word of God to equip us. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 8-18