Psalm 46:10 (GW)
Did you ever ride a ten speed bicycle up a hill in 5th Gear? It is very hard and unless you are in tremendous shape this is a feat you will not accomplish. You have to lower the gears into 1st or 2nd and it makes the climb so much easier. Living in our worldly cycle seems to have the same effect. The hustle and bustle of life seems to take our focus off the one that sustains it and makes our life ride a lot harder. We are bombarded everyday by worldly things and concerns. Work, family, media, etc. seem to eat up all of our time and focus that we truly forget who is in control. We all have a job to do, a family to raise, a house to keep up and a cycle of life to keep moving. We have to step out of the worldly life cycle, let go of the concerns and get into God’s cycle; lower the gears, stay focused on God and the climb will be much easier. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 7-16